The story behind Mdlcntrcts

Mdlcntrcts is an idea of Willem Wiggers, a Dutch legal professional. He is the founder of Weagree, a leading innovator of the legal sector, accelerating contract drafting with a premier contract creation application for automated contract assembly.

Since 2010, Weagree has been publishing free e-books on contract drafting and free model contracts. Weagree also moderates the LinkedIn group Drafting contracts. With over 29,000 legal professionals from all sectors and industries, it is one of the largest active online communities for legal professionals. There is an impressive exchange of best contracting practices and sharing of experience.

Unfortunately, LinkedIn groups offer limited functionality: one can post a question, like it (but not tag it), and there are minimal search options. Moreover, model contracts or model clauses cannot be uploaded. In this context, our idea for an open source platform arose. Where not only best practices can be shared, but also the best model contracts, of all types, will be available. For free.

Join the Mdlcntrcts community and build your preferred platform:

Share a model contract, and spread the word

Weagree will contribute some 50 model contracts and its entire clause library. In a vlog message to the LinkedIn group members, Willem tells about his passion for contract drafting and sharing best practices on cross-border contracting: