Why Mdlcntrcts is yours

Most legal professionals struggle with the same problem: good model contracts are hard to find; good clauses almost impossible. How much time do you spend finding a good model contract, a sample contract clause, or a simple checklist for your contract?

Mdlcntrcts.com is a unique open source platform where you, as a legal professional, can:

  • Find a model contract with smart search-and-filter functionality, for free
  • Share experiences with cross-border contracting, or ask for their legal merits
  • Share model contracts, using contracts-specific tagging, show-casing your legal expertise

Legal professionals can help each other by sharing model contracts, to:

  • improve the quality of your contracts
  • save time
  • increase your productivity
  • minimise your response time
  • avoid failures when working with the best contracts.

Let’s encourage you to join, start sharing model contracts, enjoy the benefits and spread the word:

Share a model contract, and spread the word

The greatest online clause library

Mdlcntracts is not limited to model contracts: we have the ambition to build the greatest clause library, the preferred place for model contract clauses. Don’t hesitate to share your model clauses as well. We need them to build the greatest clause library!

So share a model clause, and spread the word.


The open source of the platform is free and will remain free. However, as a next step, independent legal professionals and organisations will be given the option to buy a licence and use the platform to separate their own model contracts (from the open source), and discuss them in their own activity stream (on the Mdlcntrcts-platform).

Share a model contract, and spread the word

Weagree will contribute some 50 model contracts and its entire clause library.