Disrupting by sharing (model contracts)

Most legal professionals struggle with the same problem: good model contracts are hard to find. Finding model clauses is almost impossible.

Disrupt your way of working by sharing a model contract. If everyone shares, we will have an open source with all types of templates. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could find top-quality model contracts easily? …in one place, a free, open source? …just because we all shared one of our models? …and that you know that it is of high quality, thanks to a smart tag-and-search functionality?

Crowdsourcing this platform will make Mdlcntrcts the online source of model contracts. It will be the greatest clause library, and serve a broad variety of disciplines, sectors and jurisdictions. We need to populate the platform with good models. So…

Join us, share one model contract, and spread the word

Mdlcntrcts also establishes an online contracting community, enabling you to discuss best contracting practices with other legal professionals, and to answer each other’s contracting questions. Where independent legal professionals can demonstrate their expertise and attract new clients.

The more visible you are and the higher the quality you share, the easier it becomes for people to spread your words and the more inviting you are for them to be contacted. It is the mission of Mdlcntrcts to become known worldwide, and become superfluous eventually.

Chances to succeed

Our initiative has everything to be successful. We should be able to crowdsource at least 200-300 model contracts: our LinkedIn group Drafting contracts is a community of 29,000+ members, and 8,000+ people subscribed to Weagree’s free model contracts. Now, it is up to you to join and share.

We like to think that this will be one of the largest and most welcome crowdsource initiatives for the legal sector.