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Services agreement (procurement) – incl. IPR, acceptance and variation – extensive

Services agreement for procurement of any kind of services described in a statement of work, and that may result in development of IP, where acceptance of deliverables is required, and variation or further detailing provided. Contains IP indemnity

General purchasing agreement – extensive strategic long-term supply, incl. IPR

A long-term agreement for the supply of strategic components, spare parts, ingredients or other products that are to be incorporated in the customer's end-product or used in its processes. Used in B2B context, for large corporates.

Memorandum of Understanding for Lease

The document is Memorandum of Understanding for Lease of a premises which shall be developed by the Lessor as per the specification of Lessee. It is a document developed in Indian context pertaining to long term lease of premises for a big store or shopping mall.

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