Guidelines for initiating a discussion

We will keep the discussions on Mdlcntrcts ‘relevant’. Mdlcntrcts is a niche platform, focusing only on matters related to contract drafting and cross-border contracting (link to community guidelines).

Discussion topics must relate to:

  • Sharing model contract clauses
  • Best practices of drafting clear and unambiguous contract clauses
  • The use of ‘legalese’ or archaic contract language
  • Why or when to use certain contract language
  • Legal or practical impact of certain contract clauses
  • Comparative (contract) law enquiries
  • Cross-border contracting and negotiating
  • Checklists for contracts
  • (How to) cooperate on model contracts
  • The look & feel of a contract


  • Do not use our contract drafting forum to ‘discuss’ your availability for a job vacancy.
  • Do not post contributions aiming at the sale of a product or (legal) service, or personal advertisements.
  • Discussion topics with a mere hyperlink to an external weblog or newsletter will be removed

Take a look at the Community guidelines we wrote to make the best out of our Mdlcntrcts platform.